Hi! I'm Mike Portman. Self taught coder!

Currently working in Front End Development.

Available for freelance or full time employment.

Outside of coding some interests of mine are running, guitar, piano, the symphony, nerdy things, and eating plants.


SEO Optimization
Currently learning React!


My Github

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Pokemon Animation

Just a Pokemon Trainer and his sidekick

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Portman Coaching

I coach triathletes and runners.

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Whack A Mole

Whack moles digitally. Not in real life. That's just mean.

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Drum Kit

Paul the cute one. John the insightful one. George the quiet one. And Ringo the luckiest man on the planet.

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Google API

Use of the Google API to show some of some towns where my friends live.

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Digital clock and css transformations to simulate a real hand clock.

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Dynamic canvas to draw silly colorful messages. Take a screenshot and send me what you draw!

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Calculator created with JavaScript and jQuery.

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Check Calculator

Ever have a headache trying to split a bill at a restaurants with multiple friends and paying different amounts? Well after dozens of times in this annoying situation I made a calculator to fix this issue.

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Shopping Cart

JavaScript and jQuery used to create a mock shopping cart. Can you tell which Jelly Beans are my favorite!?

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Website for The San Francisco Banjo Band. Good experience to build a site with a lot of feedback from the band. Constantly updating site to appeal to their target audience.

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Ten question quiz that asks questions and counts the correct answers. Do you know Mike?

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Flipping Card

Created a card that when clicked would show the other side of the card. Used jQuery to when the mouse leaves the cards area the card goes back to the front side.


Find me on most social media outlets. Come say hi!